Email Marketing Company with Years of Experience
Crux Software Solutions is the leading bulk email service providers based in India, with years of experience in email marketing and dedicated server management for bulk emailing. Our experience and technical knowledge is our strength, we developed our own methods and practices for bulk emailing and deliverability with years experience and experiments

Now we are helping our clients to send high volume emails without any worries at a very affordable cost. We are providing user friendly bulk email software, dedicated SMTP servers, managed email sending service, user training, and technical support in a single package

Why Crux Mailer?
      o Very simple and easy to use email marketing software with video tutorial for self learning
      o We have more than 5 years of experience in email marketing and SMTP server management
      o We are providing the best and most affordable rate in the market
      o We are providing personalized support and training on request through internet and telephone

Email Marketing, the right way to boost your sales
Crux Mailer is the right solution for all your bulk email marketing needs. It’s a web based and user friendly Bulk Email Marketing Software integrated with our own dedicated bulk email SMTP servers to provide you the best in class bulk email marketing solution. Our Bulk email marketing software have features like automatic bounce email processing, advance email open / click reporting, Advanced HTML Email Editor, 100 of Free Build in Email templates, Email ID import facility from Excel, Powerful Bulk Email personalization, Free Image Storage, Spam Checker, advanced email list management, Bulk Email Campaign scheduling etc…

How the bulk email marketing is working? Is it good for you?
From years of experience in bulk email marketing, we learned that email marketing is a volume game and the most affordable and result oriented method. To get good result from your bulk email campaigns you need to do it continuously with a fixed interval and good contents. Can’t expect an immediate respond from your first bulk email campaign, when it’s a regular process people will keep you in mind and will revert back to you when they need your product or service. Bulk email marketing is the most effective and affordable way to increase your sale or to create brand awareness.
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